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How to Make £10k per Week

As a professional #forex, #oil, #gold or #indices trader

Trading the Forex, Oil, Gold or Indices Markets

I know, you've heard all the BS before!

10K Per Week | Thetradingmentor ( Throughout my almost 30 years in this business, I have heard it all as well, and it seems to be getting worse. So many idiots promising the earth, and providing nothing but dreams. ​ But let's be clear. NOT everyone can or will earn £10k per week, I know this is disappointing, but it's the truth. However, what if you could earn £10k per week? Would that change your life? OR even £1,000 per week? ​ 20 years ago I ran this ad in the Sunday Times and charged £5,000 for a one-day trading class at my home. It was a great success for many. One Plumber paid the £5k, and in 6 months gave up his day job. ​ Another guy was earning £1m's with a kitchen company, but working 14 hours a day. He just wanted to earn a decent income in the markets and spend more time with his family. So everyone's situation is different. ​ But is there a system, a formula that can be used to earn a living in the markets? with small risks, and large rewards? Well, yes. It's not going to be easy, it takes time, dedication, ambition, and determination. Do you have it? ​ Don't give up on the possibilities of what might be. OR simply carry on doing what you are doing, it's your choice. ​

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