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We await a new move higher on EUR/CAD, although mixed markets continue (very frustrating), above 1.4900 will confirm further growth, and a great opportunity for a potential large move higher, as before.

The black line is the 200 ma, now sitting at 1.4880, in order for the price action to become a buy it needs to move above 1.4880, even 1.4900. If it stays below the 200 ma, then this is likely to continue south-for the moment.


For those who subscribe to our Advanced Pro software and tools, you will know which pairs are now starting to move.

One of those continuing is EUR/AUD, notice the chart below, above the blue line is support, as long as it continues above this it will be a buy. Although there is resistance at 1.6112 (orange bar). Simple move your stop with the blue line, takes just a few minutes per day. There are a few others, but some are setting up for a potential BIG move in the coming weeks.

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