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"Top Trade Opportunities: #FOREX, #Gold, and #Bitcoin Analysis for May 27th"

#AUDUSD Into convergence area, liquidity zone [blue], Wave 4 continuation pattern, bounce off trend line - Price action charts confirm BOS & CHOCH, divergence, convergence & Break out analysis. Chris

#EURUSD Convergence into the liquidity zone and trend line expect price to move to 1.0942 in the coming days. Chris

#AUDCAD continuation from liquidity [blue zone], we await CHOCH on the price action charts - get ready for the FOREX SIGNALS. Chris

#BITCOIN ANALYSIS - to $72,000 and beyond! Into a Wave 4 continuation pattern, with some resistance [yellow zone] . Note the long term trend channel as price hits support at $68,61 expect price to rally to $100,000 very quickly! Chris

#GBPCAD setting up into a Wave 4 continuation, heading to first target 1.7596 in the coming days, not confirmed yet as we need BOS from the Price Action Charts, before I forward the #Forex trading #Signal. Chris

#GBPNZD with chart patterns - note the break of the falling wedge, in addition to positive divergence [PRICE ACTION CHARTS] these charts tell us where the price is going. Double bottom await the break of the neck line before targeting 2.1121. Chris

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