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"Top #Forex & #Gold trading set ups for success 29th May

DXY Moves into consolidation area [Purple] in the Price Action Charts. The Price Action Charts tell you [in advanced] when to trade & when NOT to trade. Whilst prices are consolidation the US Dollar will remain mixed. Chris

#GBPCAD looking the best trading opportunity today note Price above all support areas meaning this is highly likely to head for target in the coming hours/days. Chris

#GBPJPY - A probable sell off is likely as the Yen weakness fails and we could see intervention into the Yen market shortly. [SIGNALS AVAILABLE HERE] Chris

#AUDUSD Consolidates but we could see another rally in the coming hours - we need the DXY to weaken to drive this pair higher, Signal NOW AT b/e/. Chris

#GOLD very quiet this week so far, but highly likely to move higher int he coming hours. Chris

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