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"Top Forex, Gold, #OIL and Bitcoin Trading Opportunities for the Week of May 20th"

#USDCHF indicates further upside momentum, if the DXY moves stronger from here. Liquidity is placed at .9060, then targets .9116.

#USDCAD Potential for a break out and CHOCH [Change of Character]. Above 1.3643 will confirm a signal from me [Forex Signal Group] then to target 1.3858. Chris

#GOLD ANALYSIS - into and continuation of a Wave 4 pattern, then a correction to 2397 is highly likely, however if market structure holds above 2397 and 2379 wave 4 continues to 2515 and maybe even beyond. SIGNALS AVAILABLE Chris

#BITCOIN ANALYSIS - Into a wave 4 pattern continuation. BOS is at $67,000 if price holds above this level expect price action to continue into the trend to $90,000 and beyond. Signals available. Chris

West Texas #OIL - Wave 4 potential move price higher, if we see CHOCH [Change of Character] at $80.20, if price holds above then we can expect price action to move to $90 in the coming days/weeks. SIGNALS AVAILABLE HERE. Chris

#CHFJPY - potential fall from the liquidity zone in the coming days as CHF Franc weakens. Yens are poised to move - we await confirmation in the coming days and I shall keep you informed everyday. Into a wave 5, ABC pattern could potentially see the price move to 163.30. Much depends on the Yen Futures Contracts which we will keep a close eye on. Chris [PRICE ACTION CHART TUTORIALS & SIGNALS HERE]

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