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"Top Forex and Gold Trades for Today: 22nd May Analysis and Recommendations"

#GOLD remains sideways but always look out for outside bars within the GOLD SOFTWARE along with liquidity zones [Price Action Charts] Blue & yellow. Further downward momentum is likely in the coming hours to 2406, where we are likely to see a liquidity grab. let's see I shall keep you all informed. Chris

CAD/CHF held since the 9th May we have been very patient with this pair. Almost to target using the Price Action Charts - Divergence, Convergence, BOS, CHOCH tools. Chris

AUD/CAD hesitates, but we still make profits while we sleep! These markets are slow, but does it matter? As long as we are making profits, Stop can be moved to b/E now on the Price Action Charts. Chris

NZD/CAD now in profit into the wave 4 [biggest move] to target .8591 on the Price Action Charts. I shall keep Members' updated in the FMA. Chris

NZD/CHF #Forex traders into a wave 4 formation expect this pair to extend the upward momentum to .5884. Good trading. Chris

#GBPJPY Bounced off the liquidity zone [see Mondays blog] now heading for 200.00 in the coming days. Note the stepping stone effect on the charts. Chris

#Forex news - today FOMC Minutes tonight will impact on the USD Dollar, we only hold USD/CHF others are Yen, Chf pairs. Have a great trading day, don't forget if you have any questions please let me know. Chris

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