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Results for charts meeting our strict criteria

The GBP/CAD above fits our criteria, despite being - 96 pips so far. Notice the price above the 50 & 200 moving averages, along with a BUY signal-could be another buying opportunity.

AUD/CHF showing continued weakness, with a SELL signal at .6885 + 239 pips so far. Now looking to move stop in the coming days in order to lock in profits.

AUD/CAD a more recent signal, with a sell at .9244 + 91 pips so far. Notice the price action below the blue line (50 ma) and the red line (200 ma).

GBP/AUD, we had a BUY signal back in May at 1.8095, now + 831 pips so far, moving stop again next week, many swing opportunities as well.

AUD/JPY breaks down at 84.03, SELL signal from the Super Trend software + 342 pips so far-notice how the price remains below the 200 ma at all times

USD/CHF broke down at .9162, at the same time it broke the 200 moving average. Now + 112 pips so far

USD/JPY had a sell signal at 110.58 + 92 pips so far. Notice how this has tried to break the 50 & 200 ma several times, but so far has failed.

We have more charts setting up, for more positions, especially as most of the charts above are at ZERO risk. So get on board and join over 500 Members in the LIVE trading room.

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