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NZD/USD could make a move...

We had a BUY signal on the NZD/USD at .7061 currently - 31 pips. Could see a move higher, although EUR/USD looks mixed, which is the driver of all USD Dollar positions, usually.

However, the price fits our criteria, price above the 50 & 200 (.700) moving averages, with a BUY signal. So, let's see where this goes. Current price .7019.

Mixed markets continue, if you view the EUR/USD this has been stuck on 1.1800 for some time, we need to see this break either up or down, we don't mind. Before we can add to any other US Dollar positions.

Gain access to the LIVE Trading Room, see the charts as we receive the BUY/SELL signals, once they fit our criteria.

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