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"Maximizing your Profits: Top Forex & #GOLD Trades for May 23rd"

DXY Holds ground and above central pivot, after the break of the trend line from the liquidity zone [blue] and trend line [convergence] expect further gains on the US Dollar in the coming days. Use the Price Action Charts for more profits each day. Chris

#USDCHF Continues in line with the DXY stronger US Dollar vs weaker Chf Franc Futures using the Price Action Charts you can see liquidity, then BOS [Break of Structure, more trading opportunities to come on this pair in the coming week. Chris

#GBPJPY hesitates as all Yen do as it continues to target 200.00. Note: see how the price ALWAYS remains above the cloud and gives many trading opportunities along this clear charting journey. Buy the swing lows, or hold using the bottom of the cloud as your trailing stop - it's your choice. Chris

#GBPCHF Continues its journey - when we have a Parabolic trend use the Price Action charts to trail your stop [red line]. In this example there is over 200 pips - so far. Chris

NZD/CAD a slow trade [BOS], but looks good - If you can make money while you sleep, you will never need to work again - Warren Buffet

#GOLD SOFTWARE - Several trading opportinities here into liquidity [yellow zone]. A correction is likely:

#GOLD hits the liquidity [blue zone] along with an outside bar, a correction or reversal is likely to 2335 in the coming hour. Outside bars can be common, but convergence with the liquidity zone gives it more power. Chris

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