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Best #Forex Trades for Next Week 24th June - #EURAUD

#EURAUD is currently showing a convergence on the price action charts, with a notable movement into the liquidity zone marked in yellow. This convergence is further emphasized by the alignment with a trend line and Pivot point at 1.6099. As a result, the analysis suggests that the price action is inclined to sustain the ongoing downtrend, potentially aiming for a target around 1.5960. This observation indicates a significant level of confluence in the market dynamics, pointing towards a continuation of the bearish sentiment in the foreseeable future. Traders and investors may find this convergence a compelling opportunity to capitalize on the anticipated price movement, aligning their strategies with the prevailing trend for potential profit-taking. Chris's insight provides a valuable perspective on the potential trajectory of #EURAUD, offering a strategic outlook for market participants to consider in their decision-making processes. Plans & Pricing | Thetradingmentor#Forex and #Gold Specialists (

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