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Best #Forex Trades for Next Week - 24th June #CHFJPY

#CHFJPY The Parabolic trend is showing signs of strength and sustainability, with a clear indication of continuation due to the convergence observed on the upward trend line. This convergence not only reinforces the current bullish sentiment but also suggests a potential acceleration in price movement. Moreover, the recent price grab on liquidity indicates a strong demand for this currency pair, further supporting the likelihood of an upward trajectory. As a result, it is reasonable to anticipate a continuation of the upward trend towards the next significant resistance level at 181.29. This level could act as a key target for traders looking to capitalize on the ongoing bullish momentum in the CHFJPY pair. Chris's analysis provides valuable insights into the technical aspects of this market, highlighting the potential for further upside potential in the near term. To PROFIT get the Price Action Charts with full coaching & Signals for 12 months GO HERE.

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