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Advanced Pro Charts in action (GBP/CHF)

Red is sell, Green is buy. A simple concept that gets you consistent results.

Green candles, Green MACD histogram, BUY signal, Green support areas (Order Blocks)

The chart tells you when to BUY or SELL!!

Red Candles, Red MACD histogram, SELL SIGNAL, red Resistance areas (Order Block)

Where would you have sold/bought? Can you see clearly now? Well you will after 3 months coaching.

Advanced pro charts, comes with 3 months 1-2-1 support & coaching, VIP room for 12 months, DVA for 3 months. At the end of the 3 months you will be ready, but if you need more time, that's ok too.

Kind Regards


Head Trader & Coach for 41 years

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